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 I had such an awful day and I need to vent, first while I was I waiting for the bus, it started to rain hard, then all the buses that went by were centro school buses that only picks up teenagers for school,which I don't even get. I mean really what do the bus drivers think will happen, we will kidnap them or something? I just don't see why they can't pick up other passengers when they are going to the same place? Then I finally do get a bus and when I get downtown the light refuses to change, so I don't wait for it, I run across the street instead. Then I asked the driver if they go to upstate, he says yea. So I figure that he turns into the hospital, wrong again, the story of my life. Not only does he not turn into the hospital but he doesn't even stop until we are around the corner and a block away from the hospital, now why couldn't he just tell me that in the first place? I also hate hospitals, I know who doesn't right? I went to visit my nephew in the hospital and I did not plan on staying there as long as I did but him & mom begged me to stay the night. I figured that since I constantly go to Boston, Mas. with my other nephew and stayed over in the hospital with him all the time that it wouldn't be a problem and I also figured that if it was a problem that they would say something before one o'clock in the morning. I guess that I seriously miscalculated though, then the nurse comes in at almost one am in the morning to tell me that I need to leave. I mean visiting hours ended at 9pm, so why would they wait until that late to kick me out? I went up there on a bus, there were no buses running at that time of night, I mean hell if they had told me even 2 hours before then I could have gotten a ride home. The nurse said, she was trying to be nice but come on, nice is an hour or two after visiting hours not until one in the morning. I felt so stupid and pathetic, I had to borrow some money for a cab that is how low I felt, I did try to call my other nephew to get a ride from him but he was half asleep cause he has to work in the morning though. I feel so ashamed and angry, like I have this rage inside me and if I let it will destroy me completely. I hope that no one finds out, it's weird even though I didn't know, why do I still feel like I'm the one who did something wrong? God this has been a day from hell, the only good thing that I can say that happened was I posted my math homework on time, I'm so thankful for that..., I really needed to vent this awful day away...





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